never tell me you have a surprise for me if it’s not a puppy. i will always be disappointed unless you’re getting me surprise puppies

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The world does not revolve around you!

I need to type this out because it’s just been frustrating me so much. And I just want to stop talking about it, so I figure that typing it out will help with that.

My boyfriend’s Mom…I love her. I do. She is often very caring. But oh my gods is she a narcissist! She thinks the entire world is meant to cater to her. She is nearly 50 years old and still acts like a child.

Her birthday is the day before my little brothers. I met her through my brother, so we are both friends with her. I wanted to do something special for my brothers birthday this year, and my boyfriend agreed to pay for us to go to the zoo. I had asked our sister to take us, but she had to work. So I asked my boyfriends mom. I figured she wouldn’t mind spending the day with us. And we both usually enjoy her company, so it would be fun to have her along…

Well, asking her to take us turned into me apparently being super selfish and only thinking of myself. She told me she felt like I was just using her for a ride(I would not have even asked her had I not wanted her to go along with us). She wasn’t even going to have to pay, her son was doing that for us. But even better was that when I said my brother really deserved she said “so do I.” And then proceeded to tell me how no one ever does anything for her birthday. What was her status update just a few minutes before? Her being so thankful to her parents for taking her out to dinner to celebrate, and her daughter-in-law for also taking her out to celebrate. But, nah, nobody does anything for her. (By the way, she claims to be a Jehovah’s Witness…so how does that work?)

That’s just an example as to how selfish she can be. But now I’m going to tell you all about her most recent tantrum.

Her middle son and his girlfriend just had their daughter. Her son has a son from a previous relationship, but this is his girlfriends first child. My boyfriends Mom spent the months leading up to the birth buying them absolutely everything(and I would later find out that she would ask them for money for it, and even ask the girlfriend’s mom for money.)

Up comes the day of delivery, I get a text from my boyfriends mom to let me know. She is up at the hospital with her grandson. Now, her son’s girlfriend had told them over and over again that this 7 year old boy would not want to be in the room as she was giving birth and that they should find someone to come up and sit with him. But they insisted that he would want to watch his dad’s girlfriend screaming and crying.

So, she had wanted her mom, my boyfriend’s mom, and then the baby daddy in the room(and of course his son…). Then her best friend showed up and wanted to stay in the room. This is where things get stupid.

My boyfriend’s mom didn’t want the best friend in the room. After her grandson left(just like the baby momma had said he would), she thought the best friend should go sit in the hallway and watch him( a kid she had never even met before). She refused. And my boyfriend’s mom flipped out. For some reason, she thought this meant she had to sit in the hallway too. And when baby momma didn’t tell her best friend to get out, it meant baby momma no longer wanted my boyfriends’ mom in the room.

Well, when my boyfriend’s mom was telling me this story, she managed to leave out on important part…baby momma’s entire family was sitting in the hallway and she could have left her grandson with them.

She decided that mid labor would be a good time to tell baby momma how upset she was for not kicking her best friend out. And when she still didn’t do it, my boyfriend’s mom sent her a text to let her know to never contact her for help ever again, to tell her she was a liar, and to say that she was worse than her son’s ex(who cheated, lied, and manipulated him, and even tries to keep him from his son when she can), all because she didn’t get to be in the room as her granddaughter was born. Which was her own damned fault.

Then comes time for everyone to come see the baby. My boyfriend’s mom decides she needs to be dramatic and exclaims loudly “well thanks for FINALLY letting me see her!” She then went into the room and started telling baby momma’s brothers girlfriend all about how baby momma didn’t let her in the room. Well, she was having none of that and called my boyfriend’s mom a drama queen. Boyfriend’s Mom turned to baby momma and was like “are you just gonna let her talk to me like that?” She told me that this was when baby Momma then rolled her eyes at her as if to say “fuck you.” Turns out that baby Momma was in the middle of feeding her daughter for the first time.

So my boyfriend’s mom left the hospital before she even got to find out the weight and length of the baby. She called me and cried to me about it all. And when I later talked to baby momma, she told me the same story plus the parts that my boyfriend’s mom left out.

Now my boyfriend’s mom hates baby momma and is convinced that she is going to try to take the baby from her son. She also seems to think that if baby momma does leave and take the baby that her son will get custody. Her son has a criminal record and is living off of disability checks. He also didn’t sign the birth certificate. So…good luck with that one. By the way, baby momma doesn’t want to keep her daughter from her father. She has told me that even if they ended on bad terms, she would make sure he got to see her whenever he wanted, if it was possible.

I feel so bad for baby Momma because she just wants to raise her daughter surrounded by family and my boyfriend’s mom will never let that happen now, all because of her own selfish ignorance. 

In fact, she is trying her hardest right now to ruin her son’s and baby momma’s relationship.

And I am so over trying to make her feel like she is in the right. Because she’s not.

Sorry to anyone who read this if it was confusing. I just needed to type it all out. Ugh.

"One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life."

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A Halloween PSA


Halloween store are popping up, which means that no matter how offensive you find the costumes, DO NOT harass the employees or make their lives miserable by defacing merchandise. They are seasonal, minimum wage workers and attacking them gets you nowhere.

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very small dog? puppy

very big dog? puppy

very young dog? puppy

very old dog? puppy

puppy? puppy

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i bet my tongue is stronger than yours wanna find out



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